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10set available to purchase at physical exchange points


10set available to purchase at physical exchange points

We are delighted to announce that 10set will be available to purchase at Kanga physical exchange points! 10set can be purchased with the oPLN pair from 25/10 in Kanga stores in Poland.

Investors can easily swap their fiat currency into 10set tokens in a matter of seconds! This entire process can be done with our powerful partner Kanga Exchange and does not require KYC! Kanga currently has over 250 physical exchange points across Poland.

We are excited that Tenset will now be available to a huge new population of investors who may not have been familiar with the other exchanges we are listed on. We can reach everyday customers in person who are new to the crypto world or who have not even entered yet! Purchasing 10set is now as simple as creating a Kanga account and visiting a physical store with cash!

This is a major step towards our goal of mass adoption as Tenset becomes the first altcoin available to purchase with FIAT in Kanga’s physical exchange stores! We are striving to revolutionise the financial world by disrupting the archaic system that prevented many consumers from engaging in financial activities. With the help of Kanga, we can remove these barriers and make it accessible for all.

Check out how easy and quick it is to use Kanga’s physical stores in this video: