10SETx burn update


10SETx burn update

It’s the start of another week, so it is time to provide an update on Tenset’s burning strategy! A significant 70,000 10SET tokens have just been burned as a result of users converting their Infinity locks to 10SETx!

You can find the burn transaction here:


Last year, a new initiative was introduced to bolster the Tenset Marketplace, and give Infinity users more freedom. This of course was 10SETx, which allowed existing Infinity users to burn their locked tokens in return for 10SETx, a token that could be used on the Tenset Marketplace. This was a resounding success and led to hundreds of thousands of tokens being burned and hotly contested NFT auctions.

You can find out more information about 10SETx here: https://www.infinity.tenset.io/tenset-x

Deflation and burning tokens is one of the core philosophies of the Tenset ecosystem. To date, nearly 42 million tokens have been burned in total, which is almost 20% of the initial total supply (210 million)! Each day this final supply gets smaller and smaller!

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