2 days remaining for Sumeragi auction!


2 days remaining for Sumeragi auction!

The second day for our new Tenset TGLP Sumeragi NFT auctions has been completed! It was another hugely successful day with major demand and volume passing through the bidding for each NFT! We are excited to summarise below some key statistics for day 2:

  • 132 NFTs sold
  • 11,923 10set highest bid for an NFT
  • 5,189 10set lowest bid for an NFT
  • Total 946,322 10set used in day 2

The auctions continue for another 2 days! There are still over 200 NFTs up for grabs in the coming days, with approximately 11 listed every 2 hours! You can track the upcoming listings and place a bid here: https://marketplace.tenset.io/auctions

In case you need a reminder, the Tenset Sumeragi collection carries a powerful DOUBLE UTILITY:

  • Lifetime subscription to Tenset Gem Launch Platform including all launches, with no need to lock tokens or subscribe each year.
  • Can earn a share of the 1% 10SET token transaction tax. In the near future it will be possible to lock the NFT on Infinity and earn a share of these rewards. This perk is reserved for Tenset Original NFT collections (which currently includes Genesis and Sumeragi collections right now).

The auction system has been upgraded and can now facilitate bids from non TGLP subscribers using the 10SET token. Similar to 10SETx users, a minimum bid of 5000 10SET will be required (as this is what a TGLP subscription requires).

Users can also now bid and win in more than 1 auction simultaneously from the same wallet! For each additional bid, minimum 5,000 10SET/10SETx is required (this is considered in place of a TGLP subscription which is 5000 10set).

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