2 years of Tenset


2 years of Tenset

Time flies! It has been 2 years since Tenset was presented to the world! Tenset made its first steps into the market when the 10SET token launched publicly on UniSwap March 31, 2021. In an incredibly turbulent crypto market that has seen countless hacks, scams, bankruptcies and bad actors, Tenset has not only survived this challenging bear market, but continues to work tirelessly to expand the ecosystem and add new dimensions and utilities to our arsenal!

Lets look back in time and highlight some of the major milestones and progress that has been achieved these past months:

Q1 2021

  • 10SET token launched on UniSwap DEX for trading.

Q2 2021

  • Tenset Gem Launch Platform created to introduce a powerful new utility for 10SET token and power buybacks
  • Metahero, first project to feature on TGLP

Q3 2021

  • 10SET token bridged to BNB chain per community request for lower gas fees, added liquidity to PancakeSwap for trading
  • Kanga Exchange features on TGLP
  • First buybacks of 10SET token take place - on Ethereum + BNB chain.

Q4 2021

  • Infinity platform is created - unique airdrop system, powerful new utility for 10SET token. (More than 50 projects onboarded since then, token + NFT airdrops)

Q1 2022

  • Everdome features on TGLP
  • “Year of buybacks” begins - significant buyback mechanisms created: automatic buyback tools on DEX + CEX.

Q2 2022

  • Fame MMA features on TGLP
  • Received crypto licence in Dubai - new HQ for Tenset
  • New 10SET token smart contract. Migrated to only BNB chain
  • Tenset Marketplace is launched for NFTs
  • TGLP NFTs introduced - Genesis collection

Q3 2022

  • First projects join Incubator: Crypto Mayhem and Pirates of the Arrland
  • Satoshi Island features on TGLP
  • First Tenset Whale Hunt
  • Alaska Gold Rush joins Incubator + announced as “future gem”
  • Alaska TGLP NFT collection released

Q4 2022

  • Arrland + Mayhem TGLP NFT collections released
  • Tenset New Order - technological hub for blockchain services is launched. Tenset enters the crypto security space.
  • Exclusive “Tenset Inner Circle” Discord server launched for Genesis NFT holders

Q1 2023

  • Community vote takes place and decides to increase 10SET token tax to 4%
  • Sumeragi TGLP NFT collection released
  • NFT staking integrated to Infinity platform
  • Team agrees to burn 2 million 10SET tokens
  • Alaska Gold Rush features on TGLP


2022 was named the year of buybacks. We placed a major emphasis on reducing the token supply and managed to burn a massive 17.25 million 10SET tokens throughout the year! That represents an average of over 49,000 10set tokens being burned PER DAY in 2022, which means 8.66% of the total supply was wiped out in just 1 year!

In addition to this, the Tenset team tokens have not been used in more than 500 days! In fact, last month the team agreed to burn 2 million of them! Tenset is fully independent and does not need to sell tokens on the market like most other crypto projects. Instead we prefer to buy them back!

You can read more about our buybacks on the dedicated website page: https://www.tenset.io/en/buybacks, as well as a short breakdown of 2022’s key burn stats below:

  • Automatic buybacks - 2,175,122 10SET
  • Manual buybacks - 7,419,770 10SET
  • Marketplace - 6,352,217 10SET
  • Smart contract fee - 1,347,104 10SET

What does the future hold?

We are sure this is one of the top questions on each Tensetter’s mind. We prefer to speak with actions instead of words and always deliver news or announcements when they are ready. We are currently fully focused on the upcoming Alaska Gold Rush launch, but there are of course more gems in the pipeline that you will no doubt hear about in the near future. The 10SET token supply will continue to be heavily burned using our various deflationary measures. The goal for the coming year is to break the previous all time high of tokens burned! Tenset will continue its expansion into the blockchain development/security space as we look to solidify ourselves as industry leaders. The team of experts will grow to expand our tech capabilities here.

Tenset’s ultimate vision remains the same since day 1: break the zero-sum rule and reward all loyal supporters and community who stick with us. We are confident we will achieve this goal with our powerful deflationary system and long-term, sustainable mindset for decision-making. Every action the team makes keeps this goal in mind to strengthen and support the 10SET token and community.

We want to share a massive thank you to all of the passionate Tensetters who remain with us! We know the importance of having a strong community and appreciate the continued efforts to support our project on social media, interact in community groups and share the wisdom about Tenset! Your passion never goes unnoticed by the team. Stick around and enjoy the fruits of the tireless building the team does every day behind the scenes.

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