Anthem - Gold sponsor


Anthem - Gold sponsor

We are delighted to introduce the 54th project joining the Infinity platform, Anthem! They become the latest Gold sponsor and second NFT airdrop in the Infinity pool!

Anthem is a new NFT collection from popular Japanese project TBH inc. TBH supports web3 and NFT companies in Japan and has amassed a strong community of supporters.


Their powerful community includes highly engaged investors, influencers, engineers and illustrators in the web3 industry which covers all areas required for a successful NFT launch.

The developing web3 industry requires specialised knowledge and technology, so they aim to make the most of the professional TBH community where many people with solid technology, achievements, and influence are active, and provide technical support, consulting, and promotion backup & support for web3 businesses..

TBH has released several NFT collections already, which have all attracted huge attention among the Japanese community and experienced huge success. Their previous collections include Tokyo Brave Heroes and Evergirl, and gathered several hundred thousand dollars of trading volume on OpenSea between them.



As a long time supporter of Tenset, TBH are generously donating 1800 NFTs from the Anthem collection which has not been released publicly yet! They are planning to launch this collection in January 2023.

The top 1800 Premium users on Infinity will be able to claim an NFT once the 60 day period completes. You can see a countdown on the Infinity page.


The algorithm will automatically assign the top premium users one of these NFTs once the time is complete, based on the eligible users on that day. If you are not already a premium user on Infinity, you still have the chance to lock 10set now and earn one of the NFTs.

The NFTs will appear in the “Withdrawals” tab on the Infinity website once they are available to claim. They are based on the Ethereum blockchain, so standard ethereum gas fees will apply to withdraw. Users have 90 days to claim the NFT once available.

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