Arrland TGLP NFT Auction Summary + BURN


Arrland TGLP NFT Auction Summary + BURN

The auction for the collection of exclusive TGLP NFTs with Pirates of the Arrland has been completed and they were an overwhelming success! We are happy to now share an official summary of the important figures:

  • 78,435 10set collected from bids
  • 119,617 10SETx collected from bids
  • 296,500 10set from locks
  • 494,552 10set in total burned

As you know, the proceeds from these collections are BURNED! All 100 NFTs were sold from the collection, and you can view the massive burn transactions here:

These NFTs are already available to mint from the “my account” section on the Tenset marketplace: Standard Eth gas fees are required.

The official smart contract address for the TGLP NFTs is:


The official link to the collection on OpenSea is:

Thank you to everybody who participated in the auction, and congratulations to all who have successfully won an NFT! We hope to see many of you proudly displaying your avatar on social media and enjoy the incredible DOUBLE UTILITY from this collection!

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