Auction of unclaimed Mayhem TGLP NFT begins soon!


Auction of unclaimed Mayhem TGLP NFT begins soon!

The auction for the unclaimed Mayhem TGLP NFT begins shortly at 11AM UTC January 24! There are 3 NFTs that will be available for auction, you can place bids once live at:

Bidding is only available to current TGLP subscribers based on a snapshot that was taken before the auction began, or 10SETx users.

All current TGLP subscriptions are treated equally for the auction process. An investor who locked 3,000 10set, or an investor who recently locked 5,000 10set is treated the same. To win a certain NFT you must have the highest bid when the time runs out.

10SETx users can also participate in TGLP NFT auctions! As these auctions were intended for current TGLP subscribers to burn their locked tokens, a minimum bid of 5000 10SETx will be required for non subscribers, as it requires 5,000 10set to subscribe to TGLP.

The auction is open for both current TGLP subscribers and 10SETx users to participate in. To allow for bids in both 10set token and 10SETx token in the same auction, the system will consider bidding 5000 10SETx as a “0 10set'' beginning bid for non subscribers.

A bid of 500 10set by a TGLP subscriber will be treated the same as a bid of 5,500 10SETx from a non subscriber. In this scenario, if the current bid is at 500 10set, a 10SETx user would need to bid at least 5,550 10SETx (500 +10%= 550 10set = 5,550 10SETx).

Current TGLP subscribers (who have locked 10set tokens on TGLP) can also use 10SETx to place bids on auctions without the 5,000 10SETx requirement.

Each bid placed on the NFT will set the timer to 6 hours, with a maximum duration of 24 hours. The first bid can be 1 10set, and all subsequent bids must be 1% higher. Similar to previous auctions, you need additional 10set tokens in your wallet to make a bid.

All 10set and 10SETx tokens that successfully won auctions will be burned, in addition to the 10set tokens that were locked in TGLP by subscribers converting to NFT.

These incredible NFTs have a DOUBLE UTILITY - they give holders lifetime TGLP access, as well as in-game utilities related to Mayhem. You get early access to their Top-Down Shooter (which is already available to play!) as well as a unique Mech.

The winner of the auction will be able to mint their NFT by following the steps below:

  • Head to the “my account” tab on the Tenset Marketplace
  • Click “Mint my NFT”, approve the transaction on your wallet.
  • The NFTs are based on the BNB chain, so you need to cover BNB network fees.
  • If the wallet you use displays NFTs, you can view your NFT by adding the smart contract address and number of the NFT you own to your wallet. You can also view it on BSCSCAN or OpenSea.
  • NFT smart contract address: 0x5C841C8D24D477e033ab80984cB5956976c0Ec13

Trading of these NFTs is available on OpenSea. Please make sure to check the contract address of any NFT you are purchasing to ensure it is correct! There will no doubt be many false and scam collections attempting to impersonate Tenset, but they will not provide the same exclusive utility of TGLP!

The official link to the collection on OpenSea is:

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