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Tenset & Kanga – CEO Letter #4


Tenset & Kanga – CEO Letter #4

So here we are. Thank you to everyone following the news.

Now that you all (hopefully) understand the huge potential of kanga.exchange and how great the POS system is, it’s time to tell you how we will use that system for Tenset!

So I am super happy to tell you that from the listing day of Tenset paired to KNG, we will RUN AUTOMATIC BUY BACK PROGRAM!!!

For now – ALL 100% of generated profits from the POS system of Tenset (2.1 MLN KNG TOKENS on POS) will be used to constantly buy back 10set from the market!!

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? We all know the answer to that ! We will take that 10set and once a week BURN IN THE 0x000000000000000000000 BLACK HOLE!!!

Yes, this automatic buyback machine will work 24/7, 365days a year! It will buy back Tenset from the market ALL THE TIME!

IN THE NEXT 2 DAYS all of you will be able to deposit your Tensets on KANGA.EXCHANGE and exchange to KNG tokens if you wish! Just make your spot order and relax, we will get there sooner or later this machine will eat your order!

My prediction about the POS earnings by the time we open the 10set/KNG market? Will be around 8,000 – 10,000 KNG tokens – all of which will go to the buyback.

The automatic buyback system will manage these tokens and future earnings in a constant manner by buying tenset in small parts – step by step (don’t expect pumps)

I strongly believe that this is one of the first HUGE steps in the path to increasing buybacks. The system is simple: Exchange is earning – > POS is earning -> you are earning.

So it’s good to consider fully supporting kanga.exchange because this is our common business and will directly benefit the Tenset project and you the holders!

Have a great day, Jonasz