Bronze sponsor - Scorpion


Bronze sponsor - Scorpion

The expansion of Tenset Infinity continues, with the addition of the 65th airdrop and new Bronze sponsor, Scorpion!

Scorpion is a new social online gambling cryptocurrency aiming to break down the barriers to the casino industry. Their platform provides betting opportunities for more than 35 different sports, as well offering a complete online casino featuring 200+ games to choose from with classics like slots, blackjack and poker.


$SCORP is the native token of the ecosystem with a total supply of 1 billion, based on the BNB chain. It has several intended utilities, including the payment method, staking rewards, bonuses and free games and an affiliate reward system. They plan to incorporate a deflationary buyback and burn system based on volume through the platform.


As a bronze sponsor of the Infinity platform, Scorpion are donating 2.5 million tokens. The airdrop of SCORP will be distributed over a period of 210 days to all users who locked their 10SET tokens on Infinity premium airdrops.

Note that the token has not launched yet. Users will begin to see rewards on the Infinity dashboard from today, but tokens cannot be withdrawn to their private wallet until after public listing. Scorpion plans to launch the token later this month (September).

To find out more information about Scorpion, you can find their official links and social channels below:





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