Community burn challenge


Community burn challenge

To continue our celebrations for the sixth gem featuring on the Tenset Gem Launch Platform, we have another fun contest for the community to promote Alaska Gold Rush and also burn some 10SET tokens!

There are 4 tasks in total that users can complete to add 10SET tokens to the burn:

Quote RT #AlaskaGoldRush = 30 10SET

Like = 10 10SET

Comment =  5 10SET

1 view = 0.1 10SET


Challenge open for 48 hours!

We hope the community will share their excitement and participate in this enjoyable challenge to help spread the word about Alaska and push their social channels! Of course, it also has the added bonus of contributing to every Tensetter’s favourite hobby: BURNING 10SET TOKENS!

We are now in deep preparations for the upcoming launch of Alaska Gold Rush! As announced earlier this week, the TGLP sale for $CARAT will begin at 10AM UTC March 18 for TGLP subscribers/NFT holders and last for 48 hours. A snapshot of eligible subscribers/NFT holders will take place 24 hours before this at 10AM UTC March 17. You can read the full sale details here:

If you do not currently have access to TGLP and wish to participate in the Alaska sale, there are 2 options:

  • Regular subscription - lock 5k 10SET tokens and gain a year access to all launches. Subscriptions are open now:
  • Purchase a TGLP NFT. All official TGLP NFTs grant LIFETIME access, as well as other perks depending on the collection. In particular, the Alaska TGLP NFT collection has a special utility in this launch with 2x the allocation size!

If you missed our AMA with the Alaska team yesterday, you can rewatch here: We shared lots of new footage to show off the incredible gaming experience as well as teasing upcoming partnerships and developments for the project!

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