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Crypto Fantasy – Diamond sponsor


Crypto Fantasy – Diamond sponsor

We are extremely excited to reveal the next project joining Tenset Infinity Airdrops is Crypto Fantasy, who are becoming a DIAMOND sponsor of the platform.

Crypto Fantasy is a new fantasy gaming project built on the Binance Smart Chain with a Play-to-Earn model. The game is designed to provide players with an enjoyable playing experience as well as reward them for their achievements. Users can earn rewards through playing the games as well as NFTs and DeFi mechanisms to be implemented in the future.

Players can collect heroes and battle to become one of the top players on the system, which offers the most valuable rewards. The system was designed to offer more valuable rewards over time as the number of players increases. In addition to standard NFTs provided by the game, users can also incorporate their own NFTs and use them within the game such as real people and popular anime characters.


The gaming system offers several methods for players to earn rewards. They can complete quest battles, compete against other players around the world in arena battles, train their characters, sell items at the flea market, and create a guild and challenge raid bosses with their allies.


Crypto Fantasy features a wide variety of CF hero NFTs to attract collectors. There are 4 main types of NFTs: characters, equipment, monsters and metaverse (which allows users to purchase land and receive bonuses). All of these NFTs can be used to customise and boost a player’s in-game experience. Crypto Fantasy is additionally developing an NFT marketplace to allow users to buy and sell NFTs to be used in-game.

CF-character-4.jpg CF-character-3.jpg
CF-character-1.jpg CF-character-2.jpg

Crypto Fantasy are currently running a pre-sale for NFTs that can be used in their game. You can find out more information and register for the sale here: https://twitter.com/_CryptoFantasy/status/1466690134997606401?s=20

CFC is the native token for the gaming platform, with a total supply of 1 billion BEP20 tokens. 50% of this supply has been reserved for Play-to-Earn rewards in-game. CFC has several use cases within the ecosystem as it serves as the currency used to purchase items within the game, and must be staked in order to grow a guild and improve bonuses.

Within the Crypto Fantasy ecosystem, there are several fees incurred to fund the project. A 4% fee is placed on NFT marketplace transactions as well as 20% of the in-game spending with CFC token contributing to company revenue. 10% of this game revenue is burned on a regular basis to reduce the overall supply of CFC, while 20% of the proceeds from the NFT marketplace go towards charity activities, which CFC holders can participate in. The team will manage these funds for the first 4 years to market and run the game, but from the 5th year onwards all of this revenue will go towards the Play-to-Earn rewards.

A 2% transaction fee is placed on the Binance Smart Chain for all transactions of CFC token to incentivise holding and stablilise the in-game economy and rewards. This fee goes directly to the Play-to-Earn pool.


The purpose of Crypto Fantasy is to develop a sustainable ecosystem within the booming GameFi sector that offers a rewarding and enjoyable experience for gamers. They want to discover and create new use cases for NFTs using their platform and challenge the Metaverse and Web3.0 markets that are rapidly expanding in recent times.

As a Diamond sponsor of the Infinity platform, Crypto Fantasy is providing 10 million tokens. The Airdrop of CFC will be distributed over a period of 180 days to all investors who locked their 10set.

Crypto Fantasy is conducting an IEO on Kanga Exchange on 8 December at 10 am UTC. They will list on Kanga for trading at a later date, as well as launching on Pancakeswap.

Crypto Fantasy official sources and social media:

Website: https://crypto-fantasy.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_CryptoFantasy

Telegram Community chat: https://t.me/crypto_fantasy_coin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CryptoFantasyCoin/

Medium: https://medium.com/@CryptoFantasy

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/6GMnrSN5sM

Whitepaper: https://crypto-fantasy.io/document/index.php