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Everdome presale information


Everdome presale information

Following our huge announcement yesterday that Everdome is becoming the 3rd Gem, we are happy to reveal further details about the upcoming presale.

Tenset will be raising a total of $5 million in the Everdome sale, exclusively for Tenset holders who have a subscription to the Tenset Gem Launch Platform.

We are excited to announce that this sale will have a guaranteed allocation for all investors with a subscription. It will not be first come first served, meaning all tenset subscribers will be able to benefit from the launch of Everdome!

Further details will be shared detailing the time and date of the sale, and investors can participate. We are delighted to be sharing this incredible project with the Tenset army and hope you enjoy the build up to this monumental launch!

Remember, you can lock 3,000 10set now for a year subscription to the Tenset Gem Launch Platform. Visit: https://tenset.io/gems/

Please join our international telegram group if you have any questions about the gem launch platform and how to lock your 10set: