Galactix Zone - Silver sponsor


Galactix Zone - Silver sponsor

Tenset Infinity never stops growing with a new project and 63rd airdrop! This time, Galactix Zone are becoming the latest silver sponsor!

Galactix is aiming to breath life into the NFT universe with their proprietary ‘sdNFTs’. Unlike traditional NFTs which are static, sdNFTs can change and interact with their environment. This opens up endless opportunities to evolve, gain new attributes or interact with other NFTs and elements in their environment.


They are developing several projects to bolster their ecosystem named “Projects”: League, Tune, Mirror, Auth and Tube. These span across many different sectors including NFT partners, the music industry, the digital card industry, signatures as well as the world of video and movies. Each project will leverage their blockchain and sdNFT technology to expand the user base and utility.


$GXZ is the native token that powers the Galactix ecosystem. It is designed to fuel future Dapps, encourage participation and drive growth of their sdNFT platform. It will have further utilities with a token storage system and ‘Earn to Burn’ dapp for reducing token supply. GXZ has a total supply of 750 million tokens, based on the BNB chain.

As a silver sponsor of the Infinity platform, they are donating 3.75 million tokens. The airdrop of GXZ will be distributed over a period of 365 days to all users who locked their 10SET tokens on Infinity premium airdrops.

Note that the token has not launched yet. Users will begin to see rewards on the Infinity dashboard from today, but tokens cannot be withdrawn to their private wallet until after public listing, which is planned for later this month.

To find out more information about Galactix Zone and their upcoming launch, you can find their official links and social channels below:







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