Gyrowin - Gold sponsor


Gyrowin - Gold sponsor

Tenset Infinity is showing no sign of slowing down, with the addition of the 66th airdrop and new Gold sponsor, Gyrowin!

Gyrowin is a cross-chain decentralised gaming, liquidity and assets management platform. They have decided to introduce lottery games first, with the integration of staking and lending DeFi platforms, to offer players additional options while playing the lottery. They aim to mitigate common pain points of players by crafting an innovative protocol that provides an easy-to-buy and transparent decentralised gaming system, powered by blockchain technology.


The Gyrowin protocol operates game liquidity pools, also known as prize pools, on four of the most popular blockchains: BNB, Polygon, Tron and Solana. The lottery rewards are split into 5 sections: 60% to the winners, 15% to Money Plant and Lending, 10% donation to charity, 10% to Gyrowin ecosystem, and 5% to buyback and burn.

To build a sustainable, decentralised protocol, Gyrowin introduces a native governance token (GW). This tokens serve multiple functions, acting as a governance-voting system, liquidity currency, and incentive plan for DeFi users. GW has a total supply of 5 billion tokens, based on the BNB chain. A 1% tax is placed on each buy or sell of the token, which goes to the Money Plant.


Every token holder has an equal right to contribute to the community’s growth, to move forward and eliminate the centralised authority practice. In the near future, the community members will vote for the governance committees to assess systemic change in the ecosystem.

As a Gold sponsor of the Infinity platform, Gyrowin are donating 12.5 million tokens. The airdrop of GW will be distributed over a period of 365 days to all users who locked their 10SET tokens on Infinity premium airdrops.

Users will begin to see rewards on the Infinity dashboard from today, but tokens cannot be withdrawn to their private wallet until next month (October). GW is currently available for trading on PancakeSwap, having launched yesterday.

To find out more information about Gyrowin, you can find their official links and social channels below:






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