Important upgrade to Tenset platform


Important upgrade to Tenset platform

Last week a hugely successful community survey was completed, which received more than 440 detailed responses in 1 week, with an average completion time of more than 14 minutes. This means that Tenset community members spent over 104 hours providing feedback!

Building on these results and the comprehensive data that was collected and analysed, an exciting first upgrade can now be revealed! The community will have the opportunity to be more directly involved in the launch consideration process, as a voting tool will be implemented to decide whether a project will be launched. More specific information about how this process will operate will be shared prior to the first vote taking place.

Community is one of the most important parts of any crypto project as it forms the foundation and building blocks for success. It is no different at Tenset. This has always been a priority and Tenset ecosystem tries to adapt to the rapidly changing trends in the crypto market as well as the desires of the passionate Tensetters. As such, the feedback shared in the survey is invaluable for shaping the future plans for the ecosystem and gratitude is expressed again for those who participated.

Stay tuned Tensetters, further updates on this topic as well as other actions from the survey feedback will be shared soon.

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