Infinity platform upgrade


Infinity platform upgrade

Tenset Infinity has been given a deep overhaul! The platform has been totally redesigned from an engineer standpoint, which will vastly improve the user experience from smoother airdrop balance updating to simpler locking and unlocking procedures. On top of this, a fresh new UX has been prepared magnify the strength of this powerful airdrop system.

There have been 60 sponsor projects on Infinity to date, including several interesting recent projects WINK, Tectum and FlipItToken, who all joined before their launch. You can view all of the current active airdrops, recently completed airdrops (less than 90 days since ended) and archived (more than 90 days since ended) on the Infinity dashboard.

How to join the Infinity platform?

There are 2 pools for token staking - regular and premium. Regular only receives 10SET token rewards, whereas premium additionally receives Infinity airdrops from other participating sponsor projects. A 4% tax is placed on each 10SET token transaction, with 2% going to Infinity. 1% goes to token stakers, with 1% going to NFT stakers. As such, the rewards for staking fluctuate depending on volume.

To stake tokens or NFTs they must be held on a private wallet, and not on a CEX. Locking tokens moves them from your wallet to the secure Infinity smart contract. It is not possible to withdraw them back to your private wallet until after the lock expires, unless you choose to burn your stake in return for 10SETx, which can be used to purchase NFTs on the Tenset marketplace.


  • Lock 10SET tokens to receive 10SET token rewards.
  • There are several different categories to choose from, ranging from a 24 hour lock (flexible) up to 90 days. The longer the lock, the higher the staking bonus.
  • After the lock period elapses, it must be relocked in order to keep the staking bonus. Otherwise it returns to 0% bonus and the flexible category.


  • Lock 10SET tokens to receive 10SET token rewards, as well as Infinity airdrops from participating sponsor projects.
  • Can view all of the current active airdrops on the Infinity dashboard. 60 projects have joined to date, many of these before initial launch.
  • There are several different categories to choose from, ranging from 6 months up to 2 years.

NFT staking

  • Lock an NFT (only eligible for Genesis + Sumeragi TGLP collections) to receive a share of 1% fee. NFT staking has the same conditions as “flexible” regular staking with a 24 hour lock, and can be withdrawn at any time after period elapses.

How does the staking bonus and Infinity Airdrops bonus work?

The bonuses work on a weighting system. If you lock 1,000 10SET with a bonus of 10%, the system will consider that you have 1,100 10SET (1,000 + 10%) when it calculates your rewards each day. If you choose Premium staking, then you will have 2 separate bonuses - one for 10SET token, and one for the other Infinity airdrops. The same concept of weighting applies to each pool.

The infinity platform remains a strong pillar of the greater Tenset ecosystem. Unlike most other projects and staking options on the market, the rewards for this platform are totally sustainable. They come from the 4% tax on transaction volume, with incurs 0 inflation to the 10SET token supply. This is no doubt a major benefit for the Tenset and the ultimate deflationary ambitions. The number of airdrops will continue to grow as more unique sponsor projects join to gain exposure to Tenset’s ecosystem and powerful community base.

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