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Market Making Pro – Diamond sponsor


Market Making Pro – Diamond sponsor

We are very excited to announce that the next project joining Tenset Infinity Airdrops is Market Making Pro, who become the second Diamond sponsor of the platform! Market Making Pro offers a unique SaaS solution for the market-making of cryptocurrencies on both centralised and decentralised exchanges.

Market Making Pro helps exchanges to maintain the price, create a spread and fill their order books. Their trading terminal allows teams to manage their token strategy from a single dashboard that covers multiple trading pairs, CEXs and DEXs. They offer a wide range of services to all levels and sizes of projects depending on their requirements.

The market-making industry for crypto projects is estimated to be approximately $2.7 billion per year. Traditionally there are many problems crypto tokens and exchanges face at the beginning of their journey, such as the inability to secure listings for their token, difficulty in managing their liquidity and providing sufficient trading data for token trust indexes (like CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Dextools, etc). The Market Making Pro provides a solution to all of these major problems through their seamless and automated system that can help satisfy investor demands and recognition from tracking websites.


One of the project’s most innovative services that they offer is the ability for cross marketing multi farming. Classical farming involves the staking of one token that earns a yield in the same token. With Market Making Pro, you will be able to stake the given token with the MMPRO token and earn a high yield in both tokens simultaneously!

Partner projects will promote this farming system and encourage their investors to purchase MMPRO and stake it with their token to earn a huge yield. There is also the opportunity to lock LP tokens, so that liquidity pools can utilise the increased trading volumes and increase their liquidity pool even more with the MMPRO token. A secure smart contract manages the smooth running of these pools and allows for tokens to be sent to the liquidity pool owner when required.


Clients & Partnersdy boasts a huge list of partners and clients utilizing their innovative services including crypto giants Binance, Kucoin as well as supporting the Tenset ecosystem through Tenset, Metahero and Kanga Exchange. The project currently serves 90 clients with a monthly revenue of over $200,000. They are the premium providers of these market-making services in the crypto industry with their customers’ total market caps running into the billions of dollars.



The team behind Market Making Pro has an abundance of expertise in the IT and coding world, particularly focused on the blockchain field. Their highly skilled backgrounds allowed the project to rely on their knowledge when creating the advanced software that supports their platform. In addition to their digital experts, they have a full team of professional traders who provide the insight required to run a premium market-making service in the crypto market.


Infinity Airdrop + IEO

MMPRO is an BEP20 based token that has a total supply of 100 million tokens. They will be providing 1 million tokens as a Diamond sponsor of the Infinity platform. The airdrop of MMPRO will be distributed over a period of 180 days to all investors who have locked their 10set in Infinity. Investors can begin accumulating the rewards now, and they willl be claimable one week after it launches on PancakeSwap!

The Tenset team are delighted to feature another high quality project who already has a working product in the Infinity platform! We are satisfied that this project demonstrates suitable standards required to receive support from Tenset as a Diamond sponsor. Their token, MMPRO, has not yet been listed, so offers huge potential and rewards for the Tenset investors who will receive airdrops!

As Market Making Pro is a Diamond sponsor of the Infinity platform, they will have an IEO and public listing with our partner Kanga Exchange! The IEO will take place on 1 November and then list publicly on 4 November on Kanga Exchange.

Market Making Pro official sources and social media:

Website: https://marketmaking.pro/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarketmakingPro

Medium: https://marketmaking.medium.com/

Telegram Announcement channel: https://t.me/marketmakingpro

Telegram community chat: https://t.me/market_making_pro_eng