NFT Marketplace Arrland burn


NFT Marketplace Arrland burn

Last month, a new NFT collection went live on the Tenset Marketplace. It was a collaboration with Incubator project Pirates of the Arrland. Tenset secured itself an XL island, and offered the community the chance to pick up their own island nearby in the North sector.

As always, all NFTs that were purchased using 10SET token contributed to a huge burn! Now it’s time to share the results of what has been sold so far! A total of 104,000 10SET tokens were used to purchase islands, and now will be burned! You can view the burn transaction on the blockchain below:

The Arrland Island NFTs are based on the Immutable-X gaming network, so users are required to create an account there in order to claim them. Head to and login with the wallet you purchased the island with.

There are still a limited number of Arrland NFTs available on the Tenset Marketplace. Users can pick up an Island NFT nearby to Tenset’s XL Island here:

Find out more information about Pirates of the Arrland and their official channels below:




Map of Arrland world:

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