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StableDoc – Silver sponsor


StableDoc – Silver sponsor

We are excited to announce the next project entering Tenset Infinity Airdrops is StableDoc! They join the platform as the latest Silver sponsor.

StableDoc is a new evolution of healthcare where blockchain meets telemedicine and AI in medical delivery with the use of NFTs in depicting health data. They are redefining the nature of healthcare as an ongoing, personalised and decentralised process.

They deliver evidence-based, cross-boundary healthcare to patients all around the world by combining cutting-edge blockchain and AI technology-based telemedicine, in-home health and standard hospital services. AI diagnostics can be used for clinical decision support and as a personal digital health assistant to modernise treatment systems. StableDoc also plans to deliver on-demand VR/AR based healthcare in the Metaverse.

SDT is the utility token used for transactions on the StableDoc ecosystem. It serves as a payment system between medical providers and consumers by offering a fast, secure and transparent system that does not require third-party services. StableDoc further provides a NFT Auctioning platform where SDT token can be used to auction NFTs of patient’s health data for clinical research purposes.


StableDoc is in the final stages of development for their staking and farming system. This app will be available on both mobile and desktop, offering a high reward for SDT token holders who stake their holdings and underpin transactions within the StableDoc ecosystem.

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SDT is a BEP20 token with a fixed total supply of 100 million tokens. They are currently listed on PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain.

As a Silver sponsor of the Infinity platform, StableDoc is providing 500,000 tokens. The Airdrop of SDT will be distributed over a period of 120 days to all investors who locked their 10set.

StableDoc official sources and social media:

Website: https://www.stabledoc.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realStabledoc

Telegram Community chat: https://t.me/stabledr

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/zT2u9GhBrc

Whitepaper: https://www.stabledoc.com/our-whitepaper