Tanks game is live!


Tanks game is live!

The new Tanks arcade game is finally live! You can find it on the Upcade platform: https://upcade.xyz/

We have compiled a basic guideline below for playing the game that you can refer to. Feel free to ask any further questions about the game or platform in GDT/Upcade’s dedicated Discord server: https://discord.gg/Gmjkjx6x


  1. Connect wallet to the Upcade platform --> if you want, you can set a unique username.

  2. Deposit tokens (10set tokens) to your account --> the tokens go to the Upcade smart contract --> you will use these tokens to play. You can withdraw these tokens anytime, or when you win, you can withdraw your reward. There are three betting levels (1, 5, 25 10set), so you need to have at least 1 10set on your account to play a game.

  3. Go to the game panel, click play, and then you enter the matchmaking queue. The game begins when the process is finished (when there are 4 users ready to play).

  4. You move the tank using the keyboard ("WSAD" buttons). You shoot by clicking the mouse.

  5. The map has dimensions of 21x21 blocks.

  6. On the map, we differentiate indestructible blocks (those that separate the border of the map and separate tactical places to reflect enemy shots) and power-ups.

  7. Goal of the game: Eliminate the other players with a tactical game.

  8. Power-ups:

We have three types of power-ups:

  • extra life (your health increases by 25%)
  • double shot (the damages are doubled, duration: 10 seconds)
  • shield (aura that allows you to deflect enemy shots without losing health, duration: 10 seconds)
  1. Game requirements:
  • web browser (excluding Firefox)
  • crypto wallet

The rewards works based on a prize pool. To play the game, each player contributes tokens to the pool. The winner takes all (minus the 15% fee which goes towards maintenance, burning and platform).

For example, if a match is played with 4 players betting 25 10set each, the total pool is 100 10set. The winner of the match will be awarded 85 10set (100 - 15% fee). The other 3 players will not be awarded anything.

Importantly, the rewards system is being done in a sustainable and non inflationary manner. There will be no inflation for the 10set token as the rewards comes from players. In fact, inline with the Tenset philosophy, there will actually be deflation as a portion of the prize pool will be burned.

We are very excited to be introducing a strong new utility for the 10set token. As announced recently, the 10set token will be the exclusive currency for ALL activities that feature on the Upcade platform, extending past just the Tanks game. This is an incredible new use case for the token that can also provide a lot of entertainment for our community. We hope you enjoy this new game and look forward to finding out who the best gamer in the Tenset community is!

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