Tenset Discord Hangout


Tenset Discord Hangout

The regular Discord discussion is back today! At 8AM UTC today May 18 the biweekly event will take place on the Tenset Inner Circle Discord Server, which is exclusively for Tenset TGLP Genesis NFT holders!

During the meeting today, holders will get the opportunity to chat about all things related to Tenset as well as any other hot topics in the current market.

If you hold a Tenset Genesis NFT and want to join the server for the AMA, you will find the server here: https://discord.gg/PRavwRHubW. If you have your NFT staked on Infinity you are still eligible to join the server as the BOT will recognise this.

If its your first time entering the server, you will need to interact with the Tenset BOT on Discord and verify that you are the owner of one of the Genesis NFTs. You will find the Tenset BOT#7119 in the rules channel. Note that the BOT will NEVER contact you first. You must message first to begin the verification process and unlock full access to the server and all channels.

Holders of the very first NFT collection will always hold a special place in the Tenset ecosystem. If you would like to join the server, but don’t yet hold a Genesis NFT, you can find them on OpenSea, OKX or Blur with the following links:




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