Tenset technical team demonstrates its quality


Tenset technical team demonstrates its quality

We want to inform the community about a recent success story for the incredible Tenset technical team!

Tenset has been tirelessly expanding the team of developers over the past year and a half since launch, and now boasts a formidable roster of individuals skilled in all areas of Web3, programming, blockchain and smart contracts!

Last month, the team discovered a problem with PancakeSwap when trying to add liquidity to a trading pair, which resulted in an error and website crash. One of our talented programmers identified the bug, and wrote a code to resolve the issue. This fix was reported to PancakeSwap, who were quickly able to implement the fix using our code!

We are proud to have contributed to one of the largest projects in the crypto space and the #1 decentralised exchange on the BNB chain, where of course the 10set token is also listed for trading. We are further delighted to demonstrate the vast experience and quality that has been brought together in our established technical team.

Tenset has large plans to increase the scope of our services in the future and leverage the skills of our proficient team. We want to shine a light on the hard work that is done behind the scenes every day to enable the Tenset ecosystem to flourish and continue expanding!

For any keen eyes who want to read more about this particular success story, you can find the full bug issues on github here: https://github.com/pancakeswap/pancake-frontend/issues/4559

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