TGLP Genesis NFT - OKX Listing


TGLP Genesis NFT - OKX Listing

We are excited to announce a new listing for the TGLP NFTs! TGLP Genesis NFTs are now available for trading on OKX’s NFT Marketplace! You can find our verified collection here:

To celebrate this new listing, Tenset has market bought 6 NFTs that were listed on OpenSea, and will make them available to trade on OKX! These purchases were funded by the trading volume on OpenSea, where there is a 10% creator fee returning to 10set on each transaction. These fees will be used for buyback and burn of the 10set token, and to facilitate the growth of our NFT reach.

A major advantage of using the OKX Marketplace to trade our NFTs is that there is no platform fee! The 10% creator fee for Tenset still applies, but the OpenSea fee of 2.5% on each transaction does not apply if users choose to trade through OKX!

We are happy to continue our strong relationship with OKX, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, and provide a new platform for users to trade the TGLP NFTs. This can open up TGLP and Tenset to a large new audience of potential users and buyers, and contribute to higher trading volume and fees collected for buybacks!

In the near future we will participate in an AMA on OKX’s channels to further promote our collection and properly integrate ourselves into OKX’s strong network and community.

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