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TGLP NFT Collection - Pirates of the Arrland


TGLP NFT Collection - Pirates of the Arrland

We are excited to announce details of the next collection of TGLP NFTs! 100 NFTs will be released by auction in a collaboration with our Incubator project Pirates of the Arrland. The auction will begin on November 4.

These incredible NFTs have a DOUBLE UTILITY - they give holders the usual perks of a Tenset NFT with lifetime access to TGLP, but this collection will also offer in-game utilities related to Arrland!

Each of the Pirates of Tenset have items merged with them. This includes one legendary item, the Tenset Pirate Cap, and in some cases a special Tenset necklace. In addition they will have other integrated items that can offer additional features of the game or enhance characteristics.

This collection of NFTs grants owners access to the Arrland game in the same way as a Genesis Pirate: access to Pvp (MOBA), economy (Private island) and strategy (World Map) modes. They can also reproduce and access their very own small private island. Each owner will have the further unique opportunity to visit the VIP area on Tenset Island!

More information about the utilities within Arrland’s ecosystem can be found on their whitepaper here:


You can expect the auctions to be conducted similarly to before, whereby current TGLP subscribers with locked 10set tokens can participate, and additional 10set tokens will be required to place a bid. In the event of a successful bid, the locked tokens PLUS 10set tokens that were bid will be burned in return for the lifetime NFT.

Further details will be shared later in the week detailing the bidding process as well as sharing a design preview!

Find out more information from Arrland’s official channels below:

Website: https://arrland.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArrlandNFT

Telegram: https://t.me/ArrlandNFT

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/piratesofthearrland