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TGLP Presale of Everdome is closed


TGLP Presale of Everdome is closed

TGLP Presale of Everdome is now complete!

Thank you to all TGLP subscribers who participated in the exclusive presale for our third gem, Everdome. We are happy to reveal that almost 95% of subscribers purchased DOME tokens.

We raised 12,785 BNB in total (current value approximately $4.9 million) from 7550 participants. Unsold tokens now return to the Everdome company reserve. This is a huge success for Tenset’s first fair share sale, we appreciate your support and participation.

According to the vesting schedule, you received 10% of the Everdome tokens initially. The remainder unlocks at 2% per week. You will be able to claim these on the Everdome website weekly as they unlock, or let it accumulate and claim in bulk. To view the tokens in your wallet, add the official contract address:


Now we prepare for the Everdome listing on a Tier-1 CEX on 8 February. The time and place of launch will be announced soon. You can expect fireworks. Remember, Everdome is NOT available to trade before this date – beware of scams.