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TGLP - Satoshi Island Land NFT Sale live!


TGLP - Satoshi Island Land NFT Sale live!

The TGLP presale for Satoshi Island Land NFTs has begun and will last for 3 days! The first NFTs on sale belong to the East Cliff area of the island. You can make a purchase here: https://marketplace.tenset.io/auctions.

To participate in this sale you must have an active TGLP subscription or hold a Genesis TGLP NFT.

  • It is only possible to purchase 1 NFT at a time

  • Maximum of 3 NFTs can be purchased by 1 wallet

Here are the important details:

  • 4000 NFTs sold over 3 days on Tenset marketplace

  • New batches of 100 or 125 NFTs listed every 2 hours

  • First come, first served sale

  • Payment in BEP20 USDT, USDC or BUSD

  • Price beginning at $1,900

  • Every 8 hours increase of $50

  • Final price $2,250

  • NFTs are based on Ethereum network, ERC-1155

The Satoshi land NFTs represent ownership over REAL land on their island as well as their upcoming Metaverse! 10 NFTs corresponds to 1 block of land, which is approximately 360 metres squared. Tenset will be selling NFTs from 4 zones on Satoshi Island: East Cliff, West Cliff, South Cliff, South Coast. They will be listed for sale in this order.


Minting for the NFTs, if you successfully purchase one, will be possible at a later date through the “My account” section on the Tenset Marketplace. Standard eth gas fees will be required to mint.

At 12PM UTC on August 14, a final NFT sale will also take place on https://marketplace.tenset.io, which is open to ANYBODY. There will be 1,000 NFTs (plus any NFTs unsold from TGLP sale) released in batches on a first come, first served basis. A maximum of 3 NFTs can be purchased from 1 wallet. Payment in this round will be made in the 10set token. Further details including the exact price will be shared shortly before the sale begins due to the fluctuating value.

BE CAREFUL! There will be many scam projects pretending to be Satoshi. Satoshi Island Coin or the land NFTs have not listed yet and are not available to purchase on PancakeSwap or any other exchange right now. Make sure you are only following the official sources for Tenset and Satoshi Island. Join our official Telegram announcement channel for all the latest updates: https://t.me/tensetio and Satoshi’s official telegram channel: https://t.me/satoshiislandnews