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TGLP Token presale complete + Public sale details


TGLP Token presale complete + Public sale details

The TGLP presale for STC has now been completed. At 10 AM UTC the open public sale will begin for the unsold tokens on https://presale.satoshi-island.com. This sale is open to anybody, not just TGLP subscribers,

  • The maximum purchase that can be made per wallet is 1.63 BNB (387 $STC)

  • The presale process through Satoshi website will be straightforward and simple:

  • Connect your wallet to the presale tool

  • Ensure you have the required BEP20 BNB to purchase and cover transaction fees

  • Click “Buy STC” and approve the transactions on your wallet

  • Add the official contract address of STC to your wallet, and you will be able to see your unvested tokens once the transaction has been processed.

15% of your tokens are unlocked immediately. The remaining 85% unlocks in equal parts daily over a duration of 365 days. It will not be possible to transfer STC in your wallet until shortly before the public launch, which will be announced.

⚠️Please be careful and avoid scams. You can NOT purchase STC on PancakeSwap right now. ⚠️ Only follow official channels.

Tenset announcement channel: https://t.me/tensetio

Satoshi announcement channel: https://t.me/satoshiislandnews

Satoshi international chat: https://t.me/satoshiislandchat