Whale Hunt Ongoing


Whale Hunt Ongoing

Tenset’s burning power is showing no signs of stopping! It has been a few months since the last whale hunt, so a suitable time to share a reminder about this powerful mechanism.

The main idea is to target Tenset whales, users that may be holding large positions in the 10SET token and would find it difficult to exit on the market, while also facing significant price impact if they decided to sell. We are happy to offer these users an alternative option, and one that support the 10SET token.

As always, you can expect any tokens in such arrangements to be BURNED! This process is the latest addition to the extensive burning program already in place, and will further strengthen the 10SET token by reducing the share of tokens held by the largest holders in the ecosystem, and of course, further deflating the total supply!

If you currently hold more than 100,000 10SET tokens, and for some reason wish to sell, you are free to contact Tenset and discuss an OTC deal. Reach out via the contact form on the Tenset website, or on Telegram: https://t.me/the_tenset.

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