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XTRA Fund – Gold sponsor


XTRA Fund – Gold sponsor

We are delighted to announce the next project on Tenset Infinity Airdrops is XTRA Fund! They are joining the platform as a Gold sponsor!

XTRA Fund is a transparent and decentralised DeFi staking platform that offers a lucrative 45% APY. This high interest is fully backed by real-life investments to allow their system to be bear-proof and appeal to users of all different levels of risk tolerance.


XTRA has developed a groundbreaking decentralised Guarantee Fund to secure the staking platform. Token stakers can participate with minimal risk, as in the event that the price of the XTRA token dips, the Guarantee Fund will step in and match up to 90% of the purchase price of each user!

The project’s business model focuses on generating revenue through a Merchant Cash Advance operation. They provide loans to establishments and can recoup the loan from each card transaction that the loan holder processes. In this way, they can support entrepreneurs and small businesses while also generating profits to boost the Guarantee Fund and token stakers.

XTRA created a Lending Fund inside their project to provide short-term, high-interest loans. These additional profits will further fund token holders and Guarantee Fund and maximise returns on XTRA while providing additional security to the project.

The XTRA staking app offers a secure and user-friendly service to partake in their staking platform. The simple UX design allows users to smoothly navigate the system and illustrate the lucrative predictable returns you can receive for staking XTRA tokens. The Beta app can be easily accessed by connecting a private wallet on the Binance Smart Chain such as Metamask.


The team behind the project consists of crypto veterans, financial experts and smart contract wizards all combined with the common goal to provide the most profitable DeFi staking platform in existence. Notably, XTRA has a partnership with the crypto exchange CoinCasso, who are affiliated with European football giants Paris Saint-Germain.

XTRA token is initially a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain (later launching on PuleChain) with a maximum supply of 100 billion tokens. However, the vast majority of these tokens are unlikely to enter circulation as they refer to the Guarantee Fund.

As a Gold Sponsor of the Infinity platform, XTRA Fund is providing 200 million tokens. The Airdrop of XTRA will be distributed over a period of 180 days to all investors who locked their 10set.

XTRA Fund will conduct an IEO on Kanga Exchange on 7th December at 10:00 AM UTC. This IEO is open to all users of Kanga Exchange, with no KYC required to register. They will list 2 days later on 9th December.

XTRA Fund official sources and social media:

Website: https://xtra.fund/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xtra_fund

Telegram Community chat: https://t.me/xtra_fund

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xtra.fund

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xtra.fund/

Whitepaper: ​​https://xtra.fund/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/XTRA-WHITEPAPER.pdf

Explainer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRPw0ThxKmg