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5th gem coming!


5th gem coming!

Tenset are incredibly excited to announce an official partnership with Satoshi Island!

Satoshi Island is a real-world crypto paradise in the South-Pacific! This 32 million square foot tropical island is located in Vanuatu, between Australia and Fiji. They intend to become the crypto capital of the world, and after years of preparations and support from the Vanuatu government, they are now ready to develop into a real-world crypto economy and blockchain-based democracy.

Tenset is currently working with the Satoshi Island team to secure private financing for the development of the infrastructure on their island. We are in touch with private buyers who will not only secure the business in terms of money, but will also be obligated to build on their spots on the island. This will ensure that all presale and public buyers will be able to use the tokens and lands they purchase not only as a virtual NFT and Token, but also as tangible assets and currency on their real-world island and start the building process!

Tenset has a vast network of contacts and potential buyers, which we are currently negotiating with for private funding. You can rest assured that we always have fair rules so that private buyers will have the same or very similar price to the launchpad offer for our community in terms of land and tokens.

As soon as we finish Phase A (the private funding / securing the development), we will provide you with all details of the next steps and process for featuring on our launchpad. This phase must be successfully completed before the launch on TGLP can proceed.

Satoshi Island is the biggest project in any terms that could feature on our launchpad so far. Starting from logistics, financing, near future potential, ideological concept and innovation in the NFT sector. It will require from us as a team and community the highest engagement to ensure that Satoshi Island - MEGA PROJECT - which it has been called on TV stations, becomes a real capital of crypto.

We want to voice loudly that Tenset is proud to be partnering with a project that is writing history in crypto space. Satoshi Island has been making headlines in recent years in both the crypto and traditional world as a MEGA project and vision of a greater future. Tenset believes that this is the best GEM on the market right now, particularly during this bear market because it offers the first NFTs in the world backed by tangible assets - REAL LAND on their tropical and beautiful island, under a jurisdiction with 0% tax and super crypto-friendly government who is officially supporting the project.

Additionally, we will be creating our own Tenset village and community on Satoshi Island! We have many exciting plans for this regard to bring the community closer than ever, which will be shared in later updates. As a sneak peek we also tell you that some of our team members have already landed there! They will broadcast live, provide us with an update and interview with owners of the project! Stay tuned tenseters and follow our official news!

You can find out more information about this remarkable vision and project on their official website: https://www.satoshi-island.com/