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CEX update - 10set token


CEX update - 10set token

We want to take this time to provide an update on the smart contract migration that took place on June 7 last week and centralised exchanges, as we've received many complaints and issues from investors who held their old 10set tokens on exchanges at the time of the migration.

Firstly, the migration process was very simple. A snapshot was taken on June 7 for all holders of the previous ERC20 and BEP20 10set token, and they were automatically airdropped the new BEP20 token (as we are no longer on ERC20). Centralised exchanges were included in this as their wallets received the new token along with all regular holders. Exchanges simply had to halt deposits/withdrawals, update their system to reflect the new token to their current holders, and then re allow deposits and withdrawals to resume.

The 10set token is only officially listed on 3 CEXes - Gateio, Bitmart and Kanga Exchange. This means we have been in contact with them and arranged the listing on their exchange. As official listing partners, these 3 exchanges were informed several weeks before the smart contract change began according to obligations in the contract we signed to list on their exchange.

ALL other exchanges are unofficially listing the 10set token, meaning we do not have any contact or relation with them. However, they still all received the airdrop of new smart contract token, so it is up to them to update this on their system for their investors.

Tenset has some serious doubts about the liquidity of the 10set token on all centralised exchanges. We have observed some strange gaps between what we have calculated their holdings should be, and what is actually visible on their wallets on the blockchain. As always, we advise holders to withdraw any 10set tokens they have on exchanges and hold on their private wallet, or buy directly on PancakeSwap where we added a huge liquidity to allow for large volumes of trading!

All Tenset investors should contact the support of the exchange which they have their tokens in regards to getting them back. Unfortunately, we are repeating that we believe many of these exchanges struggle with Tenset liquidity, which may be the problem why it is taking them so long to enable deposits and withdrawals again.

We feel sorry for all buyers on a CEX but Tenset is not responsible for how a CEX acts. We can assure you based on public blockchain proof that all new 10set tokens were delivered to these exchanges, and the opening of withdrawals depends only on their will to do that. We unfortunately cannot control this, but encourage any investors to push the relevant exchange to allow them to withdraw their token.

To participate in any aspect of the Tenset ecosystem such as TGLP, Staking, Infinity or the NFT Marketplace, you must have your 10set on a private wallet. The new staking pool on infinity.tenset.io receives the 1% fee from all transactions of 10set on the blockchain, so is the perfect place to place your tokens. There are options for flexible staking (24 hour lock) and 90days+ to cater for investors with short and long term horizons.

The Tenset army can prove its strength in this crypto winter by grouping together and demonstrating their commitment to the project and token for the entire crypto space to see! We recently broke into the top 100 rankings on CoinGecko, which is a testament to the passion of the Tenset community and recognition of the hard work being done by the team. We thank you for your unwavering support even in such times of unrest in the market.