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Rebranding update


Rebranding update

Sorry that it took me so long, but as you can clearly see, Tenset team is working with 110% efficiency and it’s hard to find time to update you, especially when many things are still not clear. Anyway, I am writing to you from Dubai where I moved about a month ago and I am preparing a lot of changes for 2022! But the most important topic for you is:

Rebranding Rebranding Rebranding so let’s discuss…

…What does this mean for Tenset?

To answer that question all new users need to understand what Tenset is all about.

The main concept of Tenset is very simple: do everything to maximise deflation in an organic way with the Buyback of 10set tokens from the market and provide utility for the token. This takes us to a great position where we can become the first project in the world to break the zero-sum rule and be completely independent.

Profits for buyback and new utilities is what I am fully focused on.

As Tenset is working like a new generation crypto hedge fund with a token that can be called an” ETF 2.0”, we have big flexibility in the investment field.

Of course the crypto market is super dynamic and if somebody is not able to follow the trends and hype they will lose a lot.

Look at 2021 – We had hype on: decentralized finance, then NFTs and marketplaces, dexes, new blockchains, Play to earn and finally metaverse (I probably also missed something). The point is that you need to be super flexible and adjust to the trends or you will lose momentum and new projects will bury you in the cemetery along with the tens of thousands of projects which lost interest.

2021 was very hard for Tenset because we had to build transparency, we had to prove that we know our job, expand the team, hire a lot of new people and deliver many technical aspects to the project, which took our focus instead of purely building the portfolio. We can easily say that 2021 was difficult, but we made it.

In 2022 we will be able to put more of our attention on the most important things for investors which are buybacks and utilities. And here is where we begin our rebranding part:

To capitalise on new trends in crypto (and I believe they will stay for the long term), Tenset decided to expand the business in 2 new fields and invest in the sector of metaverse and play to earn, and invest not only to generate profits but also to provide new utilities for 10set token. We will inform you how and when we will do this as soon as we receive official information. You know that I hate to speculate and I only deliver info once it is 100% confirmed, especially when it does not only depend on me. What you can be sure of is that it will be big.

These deals will be multi-million dollar investments and they will provide Tenset with a lot of new opportunities.

You also have to understand that Tenset became a well known brand and we are in touch with literally hundreds of projects, influencers, exchanges, hedge funds and business angels, which is giving us a lot of new opportunities for now and the future, but what we need is time. We can’t do everything at once because my personal rule is to do one thing right instead of starting 100 things at the same time and failing. So ‘STEP BY STEP’, everything is a process. Chill out and enjoy your staking profits and let us do our job.

Our website will not only change design but we are also creating huge fundamentals for future improvements of our new utilities and best tools like TGLP and INFINITY. We are bringing better functionality, interfaces and much more. Our technical team has a lot to do in 2022 but thanks to our new CTO, we expand our team to record sizes and are confident we can deliver everything.

To open a door for more dynamic investment in projects that are approaching us, we also start a seperate tool called ‘Venture Capital’, where the gains from investments will be used for buybacks. Of course, every venture investment will be officially shared with you.

Thanks to our growing experience after 3 official CEX listings (as well as a few unofficial), we know what to expect from exchanges, and which ones fit our expectations.

Yes, I am in touch with some of the tier 1 exchanges and generally we will be able to list there in 2022, but we will need to provide changes to our smart contract in relation to the deflationary system 2% fee. It will have to be removed.

Does that mean game over for staking? NO

Our technical team will provide for you a DEFI replacement where you will be able to stake your 10set and receive passive income staking rewards.

You can rest assured that we will announce all preparations for changing the smart contract and you will be well informed! But actually you will have to do nothing but add the new token address on your wallet. We will airdrop this to you so don’t worry guys.

I am happy to say that Tenset mostly cares about DEX because this is where we do our manual buy backs to be fully transparent with you (Blockchain baby), which we also want to improve this process in the near future.

After we issue the new smart contract, we will provide one BIG liquidity pool on PancakeSwap to avoid sick fees on ETH (after they launch ETH 2.0 and fix fees we will bridge to them)

I was always a big fan of cross-chain solutions and multi-chains. I believe that this is the future of the crypto industry sooner or later. There are many benefits to providing this functionality, which is why our new smart contract is being built with new fundamentals for future bridges to multiple blockchains.

But we will not make random bridges. I am currently talking with several teams responsible for very popular blockchains, and each time we decide to hit such a blockchain, we will receive a special deal with a marketing campaign to target the user base in their ecosystem. We will provide liquidity on a DEX on that chain to attract new holders. Remember guys that Tenset has become a well-known launchpad and many blockchains wish to have our army of investors promoting their project.

You also have to know that the more of you that actively support Tenset, the bigger power it gives us in negotiations. Community means everything in crypto. So don’t ask what Tenset can do for you but ask what you can do for Tenset – and believe me simple things like:

Like, RT, Comment, and so on ARE A LOT!!! It takes you just a few seconds but it gives us a great weapon to fight for your business.

Tenset is evolving rapidly and to evolve we need to shed the old skin and build much stronger fundamentals to land this time not on the moon but on Neptune and sooner or later break the solar system barriers.

“WEN REBRANDING?” The new website with most details should have been today, but our tech team needs a few more days, and we don’t want to mix this with the Everdome promotion and presale, which will happen in the coming days too. So please be patient because we are talking here about days not months or years 😉 But I know that crypto is fast… And I know that most of you are not patient. It looks like I am an old-school business guy where time and patience was key 😉

Big things are coming Tenset Army. Strap in and enjoy this crazy ride with upcoming gems and rebranding.