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Tenset enters Everdome metaverse!


Tenset enters Everdome metaverse!

We are excited to reveal that Tenset is entering Everdome!

Tenset stated earlier in the year that we will join the metaverse revolution, as we believe there is massive potential for this industry going into the future. When considering this expansion, there was no better choice than Everdome. As close allies and a previous project incubated in the exclusive Tenset Gem Launch Platform, we are happy to develop our collaboration and existence within their world!

We have purchased a large plot of land in the Future of Finance District and are building a Tenset Tower to bring our community interaction to a higher level, as well as hold business meetings and boost awareness. Their ultra-realistic metaverse will offer an unmatched virtual experience with endless possibilities for the Tenset brand and community. Check out the Tenset land here: https://map.everdome.io/#plot-6031

We look forward to settling on the colony on Mars and welcoming the Tenset community to our land! Tenset is honoured to see a project that featured in TGLP bringing their ambitious plans to life and is proud to participate and support the adoption of their incredible cutting-edge environment which allows a deeper level of immersement.

We have deep plans for a long term cooperation with Everdome. You can expect further updates and a detailed outline of our strong partnership with Everdome and the plans for Tenset’s land to be announced soon. You can preview several samples of the Tenset tower and land which is currently under construction. These are just the first concept, we will share more advanced and complete designs in the near future.

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