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Tenset Infinity Leaderboard


Tenset Infinity Leaderboard

We are pleased to introduce the latest new feature to the Tenset website, a leaderboard for ranking the top stakers on Infinity! You can view the tool here: https://www.infinity.tenset.io/holders

You can now view the top 100 users who have locked the highest amount of 10set tokens on Infinity. In the near future we will be adding the ability for these loyal Tensetters to add an avatar and links to their social channels to show off their ranking and prove who is the most passionate Tenset fan after all!

We will additionally be releasing another leaderboard for the top 10set holders based on tokens held in private wallets. We thank the incredible Tenset community for their continued support and trust in the project by not only holding the 10set token but also locking it too. We are working tirelessly to deliver the highest quality service possible and keep developing the Tenset ecosystem by strengthening and introducing additional utilities for the 10set token.