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Tenset NFT Marketplace opening June 9


Tenset NFT Marketplace opening June 9

Having revealed yesterday that the new Tenset smart contract will launch on June 7, we are excited to share that the dedicated Tenset NFT Marketplace will open on June 9!


The NFT marketplace will become an integral part of the Tenset ecosystem and add another bow to our string. There will be collections created by Tenset itself, as well as other collaborations from projects that we are working with. Examples of such a collaboration are the elite NFT collection provided by FAME MMA (and powered by the Metahero scanners) that offers lifetime VIP access to FAME MMA events to the holders, and NFTs related to Tenset’s land in everdome which will be unveiled soon.

The collections that appear on the Tenset marketplace will be auctioned, where the exclusive currency to place a bid will be the 10set token. We are happy to share that ALL payments received by Tenset for these sales will be BURNED!

You can see a sample of the design that has been created for our Tenset’s journey into the NFT world below. Our tech and creative team have been working tirelessly in recent months to develop a top-class platform that can meet the lofty standards the Tenset company and community have to expect. At Tenset we do not take half measures, so if we launch a new product/platform, you can rest assured it will be of the utmost quality!

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The marketplace will no doubt quickly become one of the strongest weapons in Tenset’s arsenal for deflation with all revenue from auctions being burned! The team is working hard to provide innovative and unique collections of NFTs, both from Tenset and partner projects, that of course are also backed by powerful utility!

We have a blockbuster month ahead of us! With the new smart contract finally being released next week on June 7, we are able to provide major upgrades to the Tenset ecosystem with the staking platform, dedicated NFT marketplace and launch of TGLP NFTs and TGLP subscription extensions! We have more information to share about TGLP NFTs soon, stay tuned!