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10 May - Tenset Governance - Rolex competition


10 May - Tenset Governance - Rolex competition

Following the hugely successful launch of our 4th gem FAME MMA recently, we are delighted to host a competition for 1 lucky community member to win a ROLEX watch!

Nominees from each of our community groups have been selected, based on activity and overall contribution to the Tenset spirit. There are 5 nominees in total, with 2 candidates having been put forward in Japan to make the voting chances more even for other nationalities, as they have the largest Tenset community.

The power now lies with 10set token holders to decide who should win the Rolex! Which community will prove strongest and support their colleague?

Head over to https://www.tenset.io/en/governance to view the competition. You can connect your wallet here and cast your vote! Minimum 100 10set is required to vote. The winner will be announced in 2 days, good luck to the lucky nominees!