Alaska Gold Rush Seed Sale Reminder


Alaska Gold Rush Seed Sale Reminder

The seed sale for Alaska Gold Rush will take place tomorrow! You can find the following official sale details:

  • 10 AM UTC 23 September

  • $800,000 total raise

  • First come, first served sale

  • Max purchase: 300 USDT BEP20

  • Price per token: $0.025

  • Sale will take place on the Alaska website

  • Only TGLP subs and NFT holders are eligible to participate

  • TGE will take place at a later date closer to launch (10% unlocked at TGE, 90% unlocking over a duration of 1 year)

A direct link to the presale will be shared tomorrow.

This sale is only accessible for TGLP subscribers and TGLP NFT holders. A snapshot of current TGLP subscribers and NFT holders has now been taken to determine the eligible participants for the sale.

To read more about the Alaska project you can visit their official channels below:







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