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Alaska TGLP NFT - Auction Details


Alaska TGLP NFT - Auction Details

We are happy to share the official auction details for the powerful TGLP NFTs in collaboration with our latest Incubator and future Gem project Alaska Gold Rush.

These incredible NFTs have a DOUBLE UTILITY - they give holders lifetime TGLP access, as well as in-game utilities related to Alaska. Owners will get the exclusive opportunity to play the demo of the game and participate in beta testing before it gets released to the public!

The auctions for these 100 NFTs will begin at 10AM UTC on September 16, which is only available to current TGLP subscribers with a lock.

  • A batch of approximately 8 NFTs will be listed every 2 hours on https://marketplace.tenset.io/

  • Each bid sets the timer to 10 minutes, with a maximum duration of 2 hours

  • Bids can ONLY be placed in 10set tokens

  • The first user to select a certain NFT can place the first bid at 0 10set, or higher.

  • If no other users place a higher bid before the time elapses, the first individual successfully wins the auction.

  • However, other TGLP subscribers will have the option to place a higher bid.

  • The second bid must be a minimum of 100 10set.

  • The following bids must be at least 10% greater than the existing bid.

  • When a new bid is placed, all 10set tokens sent by the previous bidder are automatically returned.

  • All 10set tokens that successfully won auctions will be burned, in addition to the 10set tokens that were locked in TGLP by subscribers converting to NFT.

If you wish to participate in the auction and do not have an active TGLP subscription already, you can subscribe up until 6 hours before the auction begins and you will be eligible to participate. You can subscribe here: https://www.tglp.tenset.io/. Winning an auction for NFT here will make you eligible to participate in the upcoming Alaska seed sale on September 23.

All current TGLP subscriptions are treated equally for the auction process. An investor who locked 3,000 10set, or an investor who recently lockd 5,000 10set is treated the same. To win a certain NFT you must have the highest bid of additional 10set when the time runs out.