First TPL launch coming!


First TPL launch coming!

The time has finally arrived for the first launch on the Tenset Protectron Launchpad! Last year, ivendPay was presented to the Tenset community for a vote to decide whether they should launch. They overwhelmingly passed the vote, and plan to launch soon!

Key dates and times:

  • 8PM UTC January 21 - Snapshot. Deadline for subscribing to TGLP/TPL.
  • 8AM UTC January 22 - Round 1 of IDO begins. Open for 24 hours. Guaranteed allocation for all TGLP/TPL users.
  • 11AM UTC January 23 - Round 2 begins. First come, first served.
  • March 11 - planned date for IVPAY token listing

The first round will be a guaranteed allocation for all eligible TGLP/TPL users (regular subscribers and TGLP NFT holders), with unsold tokens then being made available in a second round. Remember, TGLP users get a double allocation in TPL projects! Lock 5,000 10SET for TGLP and 2 allocations, or 2,500 10SET for TPL and 1 allocation.

There is still time to subscribe and become eligible for the IDO: The snapshot will take place 12 hours before Round 1 begins, at 8PM UTC January 21.

ivendPay is a crypto payment system connecting merchants and customers. Their seamless platform enables businesses to reap the benefits of blockchain technology and accept payments via cryptocurrencies in a simple, safe and fast manner.

IVPAY token details:

  • 0.03 USDT per token in TPL round (public)
  • Total supply 1 billion tokens (based on BNB chain)
  • 30% of tokens unlocked at TGE
  • Remaining 70% unlocks daily for 2 months
  • Total raise 500,000 USDT
  • TPL’s 7 day claim-back policy will be enabled

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