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New smart contract details and official timeline


New smart contract details and official timeline

We are happy to reveal the official details and important time and dates for our new Smart contract!

We will be changing smart contract on June 7! The snapshot, airdrop and new liquidity will all be completed on this day! Please read the following information and times carefully:


  • Smart contract migration begins.
  • STOP trading or transferring 10set tokens to ensure you receive the full amount of the new token.
  • Liquidity will be pulled from DEXes.

10AM - 3PM UTC

  • Snapshot and airdrop of new token will be automatically completed during this time.
  • It will not be possible to transfer or trade the new 10set token until after 3pm.


  • Large official liquidity will be added to PancakeSwap
  • Transfers of the token will be enabled.

Trading on CEXes will not be halted during this process, but deposits and withdrawals will not be possible during the process. We strongly advise you to follow the above timing schedule and do not trade or transfer after 10 AM to ensure you receive the correct number of 10set tokens. CEXes will receive the new 10set token.

Please note that there is nothing that current holders need to do to receive the new 10set token! It will be automatically airdropped to all current holders. You will receive the new BEP20 10set token, whether you previously held 10set on ERC20 or BEP20. If you are currently holding 10set from both chains on the same wallet, you will receive the sum of these tokens in the new smart contract.

All you will have to do is add the new smart contract address, so that your new tokens are visible. We will share the new official contract address soon.

A reminder: this will not affect current TGLP or Infinity locks. Your locks will remain active. Upon completion, you will be able to withdraw the new 10set tokens if you decide not to extend your lock.

We are excited to finally be launching the new 10set smart contract which will allow for major improvements across the Tenset ecosystem and large expansions going into the future! You can read a full breakdown of what the new smart contract means for investors and Tenset here: https://www.tenset.io/en/news/tenset-smart-contract-update