November Zealy Sprint Complete!


November Zealy Sprint Complete!

The time has come for the next Zealy rewards! The November Zealy sprint finished earlier today, with a snapshot being taken to determine the eligible users for this month’s rewards. As previously announced, this reward is only for the top 100 users. The 10SETx reward is now available to claim here:

You can see the full leaderboard results for the November sprint here:

Zealy leaderboard november - Sheet1.csv

10SETx Reward details:

  • 10SETx token reward for top 100 Zealy users
  • Rewards based on number of XP a user has - the higher the XP, the higher the reward
  • Conversion rate 0.1. For every 10 XP on Zealy, a user can claim 1 10SETx token.
  • 10SETx is a token that can be used exclusively on the Tenset Marketplace for NFTs. This includes any NFT sales that list 10SETx as a usable token, or future auctions.
  • If you do not have enough 10SETx to purchase a single NFT, you also have the option of burning regular 10SET tokens to obtain more 10SETx. More details about 10SETx can be found here:
  • Rewards are claimable until December 25.

As mentioned previously, the rewards are determined on a monthly basis, only considering the tasks and XP that are completed within that time period. A new sprint will be created on Zealy for the month of December. Read on below to find out how you can be a part of next month’s rewards:


  • Join Tenset’s Zealy campaign:
  • Ensure your profile is fully updated - twitter, discord, wallet address
  • Complete tasks to earn XP and rise to the top of the leaderboard rankings
  • Snapshot will be taken on January 1 to decide the top 100 users

A new sprint will take place at the start of each month on Zealy after the conclusion of the previous month. This allows new users the chance to secure a high place in the leaderboard as it will only consider tasks and XP completed during that time period. These monthly sprints will offer 10SETx rewards for the top 100 users. Good luck Tensetters, you have a clean slate and 1 month now to secure your spot in the next wave of rewards!




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