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Tenset 1 year statement


Tenset 1 year statement

It has been 1 year since Tenset was presented to the world crypto audience.
Group of experienced crypto enthusiasts created the concept of second-generation ETF and in just 1 year since presentation, delivered and proved that the concept is working and evolving quickly, from the startup stage to a multi-million dollar business with a good position in the crypto space, great opinion of transparency, trust of the community and a huge range of influence in many areas of the crypto space. Tenset proved all project assumptions about breaking the 0-sum rule by organically shrinking circulation via buying back tokens from users. Additionally dispelled all doubts about properly managing a company and what is most important: generating profit.

The previous year we can call a year of preparations for what Tenset is really creating.
Many investors don’t think about what problems face a company which is working in a global area.
2021 was largely about global marketing and our concept presentation.
Team formation in many areas of our business model.
Legal infrastructure and laying out technical foundations.
All of this absorbed 80% of our powers and took away from the main focus which is generating profit. But even with that, we were able to make about 2 000 000$ worth of buybacks, only because we wanted to deliver what we promised. It wasn't easy but we did it.

Now after a year we can openly say that these proportions have flipped.
In 2022 our main focus 80% will be on the fundamental task of Tenset, which is making business to get profits for buyback of our tokens from the market.

What did Tenset achieve in these 365 days?
What changes have occured in the company? What is the future plan for development?
Let's provide some statistics and put more light on certain numbers for new users of Tenset.

1 - No inflation for the last 115 days. Yes, as you can see on the blockchain, the last transfer of company tokens was made 115 days ago. This transfer has been made from the team wallet and that means that all of the initial members were paid off in 100%.
Additionally, the company wallet for all other expenses was used 160 days ago and that means that all influencers, outsourcing companies, legal advisors,, fees, rents, subscriptions - etc., have not been paid by our tokens since then.
If any team member, employee, influencer or outsourced company wants to receive payment in 10set tokens - we are buying them back from the market first and then sending them to them.

OTC deals for investors had been closed.

Tenset is fully financially independent, contrary to 99.9% of projects in crypto space, we do not sell our tokens and cause inflation. We generate profits as a regular business to cover company expenses.

Policy of Tenset company was clear from the beginning. We treat each other equally as with every investor by not whitelisting any address. Every transfer made by the company has cost an additional 2% fee, where 1% was burned and 1% was shared with our community. This rule teched as to think a few times before we decide for any token moves.

2 - TEAM.
At the beginning of the project you could see approx 10 full-time involved members. Right now there are 50 of us and we are hiring 5 outsourcing companies (legal and technological support).
Currently the company is constantly looking for new experienced members who want to build our position in the crypto and finance space with us.
Because of the fast growing team, international business model and expanding covid restrictions, we decided to continue in the home office system where most of the team is connected by dedicated tools for online working.

If you are from day 1 with Tenset, then you know what kind of benefits we provided during that time, but if you are not and you joined our community recently, then here you will see some basic numbers.

10set presale was made about 1 year ago (3 phases).
Our initial price was APPROX (because of fluctuating price of ETH) 0.1$
We collected in private and public sale approx 10mln$ worth of tokens.

A) Gains - Our ATH was noted on the level of 6.5$, which means x65 ( 6500% profits ) from initial value.
B) Staking APY - If you didn’t sell your tokens, you received % of additional staking value.

4 - TGLP.
But this is not everything. During our development, we opened a new tool called Tenset Gem Launch Platform - TGLP - Exclusive kickstarter which was originally created to only list TOP projects on the market and provide an additional boost to our portfolio. Apart from great utility for the token, we also delivered the opportunity for our token holders to be a part of these great projects with high transparency, interesting business model, huge potential, experienced team and with mission of crypto adoption. We are talking here about:

Metahero - with their futuristic, revolutionary and advanced photogrammetric metascanner which is
the gateway to the currently most hyped METAVERSE. Additionally we decided for a long-term partnership and support in many areas (some of them you will get to know in the future).

Native token HERO: Initial price: 0.0015$ ATH: 0.255$ (17 000% gains).

Kanga Exchange - the most crypto friendly exchange which fully respects your basic right: the right to anonymity. Kanga is also a gateway for all the people who want to transfer their savings from FIAT into CRYPTO.
They have opened about 350+ physical stores in 8 countries in just a few months, giving access to NO KYC purchases of cryptocurrencies to more than 250 000 000 people across Europe.
Because of the big technological benefits and future cooperation, Tenset made a special exception and accepted KANGA on TGLP, existing for more than 2 years as a project and token already. We made a special deal for our subscribers and made a special sale.

Native token KNG: Initial price TGLP: 2$ ATH: 35$ (1 750% gains)
( Native token KNG: Kanga Pre sale - 2018: 1$ ATH 35$ ( 3 500% gains )

Everdome - We don’t need to introduce this project. Probably even if you are new to the Tenset community, you will know that Everdome is our latest GEM and a few days ago had its debut on exchanges. Everdome will provide a destination for Metahero’s remarkable tech to live, interact and flourish. Taking Metahero from the gateway to the metaverse, together with Everdome, to a fully ubiquitous web3 experience - to the point when you take off your VR headset you won’t be able to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Native token DOME: Initial price: 0.001$ ATH: 0.090$ ( 9 000% gains )

The projects listed on the TGLP are not randomly taken. They are deeply examined and what is most important, they need to stay in synergy and cooperate together. Tenset is trying to build an ecosystem and grow together instead of competing against each other. We do believe in crypto adoption and this belief motivates us to help everybody who wants to join that mission.

OUR TGLP platform will list only a few projects per year. This is caused by deep due diligence, long negotiations, legal actions and the business model of our launchpad. We do not just provide marketing, but also support in many areas. Many of our team members are helping a new project for 1-3 months of the initial phase. Our CEO travels to the place where the company is located and helps them personally with technological aspects, strategy and roadmap. This system gives us a high probability of providing the best projects but also restricts the amount of the projects featured during the year.

THERE IS NO REASON TO ASK ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPS ABOUT THE DATE OF THE NEXT GEM. We are not able to provide this information because we are obligated by contracts. It will be announced at the right time once it is ready.

Unfortunately we cannot accept all projects to our TGLP program.
Mostly because of our high requirements but also because, as we said before, we are trying to build one big ecosystem and not all projects fit with their business model or scale.
To help these projects and reward our community, we built a unique tool - TENSET
where we offer help with initial marketing. As you may know, tens of crypto projects are appearing on the market every day. Some of them have great ideas but do not know how to present themselves to a bigger audience. We are giving this opportunity and delivering it to Infinity, where all of our community can check them and decide if they like it or not.
To give you incentive, every project is providing some amount of tokens which are redistributed to you over several days (to not harm tokenomics of the project).
That's how we are building the biggest airdrop machine in the entire ecosystem with 30 projects onboarded so far.

To summarise points 3,4,5 - HOLDING TENSET gives you a lot of opportunities to make additional profits. We have received tens of letters from great community members that we changed their lives and provided financial freedom. Some of them we literally made millionaires.
We are happy to hear that from you and for sure this is great motivation to bring you even more over the next few years.

Goals for 2022 and next years:

  1. Our Current goal is to reach 10 000 000$ worth of tokens bought back from the market, which will make Tenset the 1st crypto project in the world where every presale investor is not able to lose their investment.

  2. Tenset portfolio is worth approximately 120 000 000$, which means that we have multiplied the initial assets 12 ( 1200% APY )
    times in the first year. Our next step and vision is to expand the portfolio to
    1 000 000 000$ and become a serious player not only in the crypto space but also in the world of finance. This will drive us to additional multi million buybacks from the market and bring us independence with managing new all time highs for the 10set token, without the classic 0-sum model which controls every other project in the space.

  3. We are in the process of receiving an additional crypto licence in the United Arab Emirates. Why do we need such? You will be informed in the future.
    As you know from the previous year, Tenset instead of speculation and promises, always delivering and surprising with additional features.

  4. Additional utilities. Tenset is in negotiations with some gaming brands to make a step into the gaming sector and provide additional utility for the 10set token. How it will look like you will find out by following the news.

  5. Our tech team has full hands of work. Right now they are working on new upgrades of the website, which we release as soon as possible. It will provide you with more use cases of Tenset and give a bigger incentive to stick with our website.

  6. Automatic buyback tool on pancake swap with initial 2500 BNB for purchases.

  7. Dedicated NFT Marketplace of Tenset (more details will be provided)

  8. Dedicated improved staking platform of Tenset.

  9. New modern Smart contract. Easier to implement future utilities, cost less fees, much easier to create cross chains and potentially bridge with: Solana, Tron, Cardano, Polygon and others. In our vision, crypto in the future will work as one big environment and we want to move in that direction.
    The new smart contract will also replace the current bridge system from:

    LOCK on one chain
    and UNLOCK on another to

    BURN on one chain and MINT on another.
    This complicated and technologically advanced concept will help us to provide the most detailed data about the circulation of 10set.
    We will have full flexibility with tax fee transfers, advanced whitelisting for future features, etc.

  10. We have confirmation from Tier-1 exchanges for potential listing, and with current status this will not require removing our 2% deflationary system. We have plans of adding additional listings at the best time for Tenset and with proper marketing. Such listings need to be done in strategic moments for the company because they require a high listing fee so we need to maximise the benefit 100%.

  11. Brand strengthening by traditional media and reaching investors from the traditional financial market.

  12. App development.

  13. Marketing and adding new 10set utility by exploring and joining in to Metaverse revolution.

    One of our community members said that: “Tenset is a money making machine”, another that “Tenset is a door opener for opportunities”.
    We think that these sentences are accurate to what we are trying to provide to the community. Personally, we do feel that 10set is strongly undervalued at the moment. Everybody who understands that our tokens are backed by a 120 000 000$ and growing portfolio and around 40% from circulation are locked by our utilities will feel safe and enjoy the passive income rewards.
    This makes it clear to us that we need to present our unique business model to more people and let them understand what we are doing here. We do believe that mature investors who are looking for good diversification will sooner or later put their eyes on us. Everything is a matter of time, building trust and constant work.

    Tenset will continue their origin path of developing the project based on basic economic rules. We know that with a closed limited circulation of tokens and deflationary system of extracting these tokens, we have a certain direction which is in the long term north. Of course, in the economy everything is managed by a process. Results of our activities do not all appear at the same time. Very often we need to wait months, but that's normal, that's how it works. We all have to remember that to begin this project we had to release millions of tokens to the market. Now the process is reversed, but
    it needs time. Our founder is repeating: “Step by step we will get there”.
    We will get there because we fully understand that we can only achieve this by expanding utilities, marketing and buybacks. This is what the team will continue to do in the coming years.

    We want to say a big THANK YOU to all of our community for all of your efforts in helping with our social media engagement. You are our motivation. Stay calm, respect other members, do not share FUD and fake news. We can clearly see that our community represents a totally different level and we are proud to have such an environment. We see that our investors are much more mature than in other projects and they have much higher understanding of business and economy rules.
    Enjoy everything that we are providing to you in the context of utilities. Enjoy your stay with us and let us continue our job.

Tenset Team.