Tenset Marketplace NFT Sales Burn


Tenset Marketplace NFT Sales Burn

The Tenset NFT Marketplace is demonstrating its power and value to the Tenset ecosystem. We are happy to now share details of a major burn that has been provided by sales through our marketplace.

As you know, the 10set token is the currency of the Tenset Marketplace. The Satoshi Island Land NFT Deeds that have been sold via 10set token over the past month have all contributed to the following substantial burn! A major 774,000 10set has now been permanently burned! You can view the burn transaction here:


Satoshi Island Land NFT Deeds continue to be available to buy on the Tenset marketplace, where 10set token is the currency required to purchase. If you are interested in buying, you can find them here: https://marketplace.tenset.io/auctions?sale=on-auction. If you have previously bought one, you will be able to mint it from the “My account” section.

The bear market is of no concern for Tenset. The team continues to work tirelessly on strengthening the fundamentals of the project and exploring ways to expand the ecosystem. We are proud to see one of our latest platforms, the Tenset NFT Marketplace, contributing greatly to our deflationary vision with these significant burns. Our focus remains the same since the beginning: burn as many 10set tokens as possible.




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