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Tenset Treasury 500 000$ Bitcoin purchased


Tenset Treasury 500 000$ Bitcoin purchased

Tenset is happy to buy when the market is fearful. We can announce that an additional $500,000 investment has been made into Bitcoin to acquire an extra 24.75 BTC in the portfolio!

Our stance on the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is unfazed by recent market conditions and widespread panic among investors. Tenset is a long-term investor, and Bitcoin is the perfect holding to build for the future. You can view our updated holdings on the portfolio page on our website: https://www.tenset.io/en/portfolio.

The funds for this purchase have come from USDT that was staking on Kanga Exchange. Tenset has had millions of dollars worth of stablecoins staking on various platforms over the past year to earn interest and hedge against large market drops. The team continues to monitor the current market and is prepared to make further investments if a suitable opportunity presents itself for a long term addition to the portfolio!