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Tenset x Immortal Cats NFT Collaboration


Tenset x Immortal Cats NFT Collaboration

We are very excited to reveal Tenset’s first NFT collaboration! We are cooperating with Immortal Cats to provide top of the range designs for our future TGLP NFT collection!


From the beginning, Tenset has always had a strong bond with cats. You may remember the huge picture of a cat that was a main feature of the Tenset headquarters in Albania! Animals and in particular cats played a pivotal role in building a strong bond with our community early on, which allowed Tenset to develop and evolve into the powerful brand that you see today with a huge army of loyal followers.

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To honour our great history we decided to create the first NFT collection with characters of CATS! Tenset started at the beginning and evolved into the current size you see today, so we want to also adapt evolved images of cats who will represent the Elite NFT hodlers of the first Tenset NFT collection.

We hope that you will love the samples which we will provide tomorrow and that future owners will use them not just for the powerful utility of TGLP access, but also as collectible value. We would be very proud to see our tenseters display their avatars of the Tenset cats and stand out in the crypto space.

We are excited to collaborate with Immortal Cats for some exclusive designs for the first TGLP NFT collection! We will be sharing a detailed breakdown of how the NFTs will operate tomorrow.

Who are the Creators of our first NFT collection?

Immortal Cats is a brand new NFT movement seeking to instil a consciousness awakening. Inspired by Egyptian mythology, the eternal cat has the power of immortality and contains wisdom and power to create a new world. Their Immortal Cats carry 5 superior human genes: Genesis, Art, Wisdom, Magic and Smith’s DNA.

Their NFT ecosystem will include a Play-to-Earn breeding game, NFT launch Studio, Metaverse and a gambling function and more. Their goal is to establish a passionate community and user base following the project's vision and develop into a blue chip NFT brand.

We are happy to share that Immortal Cats are offering places on their whitelist to mint regular NFTs to the passionate Tenset army. You can find out more information about their project and upcoming whitelist and minting process on their website and Discord below.

Immortal Cats official channels:

Website: https://immortalcat.io/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/immortalcat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/immortalcatNFT

Telegram: https://t.me/ImmortacatCN