TGLP Extension - 1000 10set


TGLP Extension - 1000 10set

We are happy to reveal official details on how current TGLP subscribers can extend their subscription for another year!

Starting at 10AM UTC on December 10, TGLP subscribers can lock an additional 1,000 10set, which will add an extra 365 days to their current subscription period. The 1,000 tokens are not burned, but added to your overall lock amount. This extension period will be open for 48 hours.

This extension must be done before your lock period ends. It will not be possible to extend after expiration. Any TGLP subscriber can make this extension in advance of their lock expiring. For example, if your current subscription has 100 days remaining, if you extend during this period it will add 365 days, meaning you have 465 days left.

If you do not wish to continue your TGLP membership, then you will be free to withdraw your 10set tokens once the lock expires as normal and you will receive the new smart contract 10set token at that time.