TGLP Farcana Update


TGLP Farcana Update

There is some exciting news to share regarding the recent TGLP vote. Farcana has just confirmed a double tier-1 exchange listing! As a result, the date of IDO and launch needs to be rescheduled. The first round of IDO will now begin on January 8. This gives more time for TGLP users to prepare for an explosive launch, as well as Tenset and Farcana to increase the marketing and make some noise!

The first round will be a guaranteed allocation for all eligible TGLP users (regular subscribers and TGLP NFT holders), with unsold tokens then being made available in a second round. There is still time to subscribe and become eligible for the IDO: More details about the IDO and the deadline to subscribe will be shared closer to the time.

Farcana is a multiplayer team-based third-person shooter set in a futuristic sci-fi universe. The game features a wide range of Stars, each with unique abilities and weapons, as well as different game modes to provide an immersive experience for players The game is being built on the UE5 Engine, with a free to play model and aimed at PC users. You can read the full announcement here:

FAR token details:

  • Total supply 5 billion tokens
  • Price per token 0.012 USDT
  • 0% of tokens unlocked at TGE
  • 6 month cliff, then linear vesting with monthly unlocks for 12 months
  • All token rounds face a cliff to reduce initial circulating tokens, according to rules of many top exchanges
  • Total raise 400,000 USDT
  • Guaranteed allocation for TGLP users

You can find out much more detailed information about Farcana on their official channels below:







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