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TGLP NFT Minting Reminder


TGLP NFT Minting Reminder

Reminder for the users who successfully won a TGLP Genesis NFT in the auctions last month to mint their NFT! July 31 is the last available day to mint your NFT, with any unclaimed NFTs to be auctioned again after this.

  • Head to the “my account” tab on the Tenset Marketplace https://marketplace.tenset.io/my-account

  • Click “Mint my NFT”, approve the transaction on your wallet.

  • The NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchain, so you need to cover Ethereum network fees.

  • If the wallet you use displays NFTs, you can view your NFT by adding the smart contract address and number of the NFT you own to your wallet. You can also view it on Etherscan or OpenSea.

  • NFT smart contract address: 0x28cE223853D123b52C74439B10b43366d73Fd3B5

Trading of these NFTs is available on Opensea, you can find the official collection here: https://opensea.io/collection/tglp-genesis. Tenset Marketplace trading will be enabled at a later date which will be announced. Trading on the Tenset Marketplace will incur a 2% fee which is entirely burned. All other marketplaces incur a 10% fee (plus any fees that particular marketplace charges - e.g. Opensea charges a 2.5% fee), with the entire 10% proceeds being used for buyback and burns.

Please make sure to check the contract address of any NFT you are purchasing to ensure it is correct! There will no doubt be many false and scam collections attempting to impersonate Tenset, but they will not provide the same exclusive utility of TGLP! Be careful of any fraudulent messages you receive on social media or Telegram, and only trust official sources and links directly from Tenset.

Any unclaimed NFTs will be auctioned again on August 2 at 10AM UTC. A snapshot of current TGLP subscribers will be taken 2 hours before the auction begins to determine who is eligible to participate. Each bid placed on the NFT will set the timer to 6 hours, with a maximum duration of 24 hours. The first bid can be 1 10set, and all subsequent bids must be 1% higher. Similar to last time, you need additional 10set tokens in your wallet to make a bid. If you are successful, the tokens you bid as well as your tokens locked in TGLP will be burned in return for the LIFETIME NFT.