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Satoshi Island (STC)


4 BNB = 950 STC

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21,000,000 STC



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35,362 BNB

Vesting Schedule

10% on TGE

90% over 365 days

ATH Since Launch


About the Gem

What is Satoshi Island?

Satoshi Island is a real-world crypto paradise in the South-Pacific! This 32 million square foot tropical island is located in Vanuatu, between Australia and Fiji. They intend to become the crypto capital of the world, and after years of preparations and support from the Vanuatu government, they are now ready to develop into a real-world crypto economy and blockchain-based democracy.

Personal interviews by the CEO, and the Tenset team on the island

Always an important part of the TGLP acceptance process, the CEO of Tenset met with the team in Dubai to gain a better understanding of the greater vision for Satoshi Island. We learned about the strenuous efforts they have made in the previous years to prepare the project to launch. Additionally, 2 members from the Tenset team have been on the ground on Satoshi Island to share further insight and updates regarding development.

Personal interviews by the CEO, and the Tenset team on the island-0

Transparency and team experience

For a project with such an ambitious vision and goal it was extremely important to consider the experience and transparency of the team behind it. The Satoshi team have been working behind the scenes on the project for more than 3 years, and have deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency space for several years. The master planning and design of the island is being managed by James Law, a world-renowned architect who has previously mastered the innovative modular housing system in other parts of the world.

Transparency and team experience-0

Physical land on tropical island

Satoshi Island offers the first in the world NFTs that are backed by REAL LAND on their tropical island! Their Metaverse will mirror the real-world island and offer users who cannot travel to Vanuatu the opportunity to still enjoy this futuristic vision. Users will be able to purchase Land NFT Deeds, which can then be converted to plots of actual land on the island! This is a groundbreaking development for the crypto space and a great demonstration of how NFT technology can be used in real life! There are only 2100 blocks of land on the island, with each block being divided into 10 Land NFTs. Own a whole block and build on it using the modular housing system provided by James Law, or join with other NFt owners to build together. There will also be opportunities for commercial entities to acquire land and operate on the island.

Physical land on tropical island-0

Strong token utility

$STC is the cryptocurrency that powers the entire Satoshi Island economy. It will be required for all commerce on the island and transactions via the marketplace. Unlike a traditional government with centralised control of the currency, Satoshi Island is operated as a DAO to manage the currency, which has a fixed supply of 21 million tokens. The token will be needed to use the resort, all shops or restaurants, rentals of accommodation, utilities and transport on or to the island, demonstrating incredible use cases.

Utopian concept for future way of living

Satoshi Island’s vision is to become the blueprint for a new world powered by blockchain based economies, which $STC will be central to that vision. The DAO, which will be operated by the Citizenship NFT holders, will manage the maintenance and growth of the island. This is a true blockchain-based democracy which can lead the way for a more transparent and inclusive way of living in the future.


Their Metaverse will mirror the real-world island and offer users who cannot travel to Vanuatu the opportunity to still enjoy this futuristic vision as they can own land too and engage in other activities virtually. The metaverse is being powered by Unreal Engine to give the ultimate experience.


Years of preparations and global support

The Satoshi team has spent years preparing this grand vision. They have received public support from the Vanuatu government (the jurisdiction in which Satoshi Island is based) which demonstrates the legitimacy of the project. Additionally, it is clear that the entire world is eagerly watching to see the development of the island unfold as it has been picked up in mainstream media outlets globally.


All of the aspects discussed above outline why we believe the Satoshi Island project has so much potential on a global scale and provides a unique opportunity for Tenset to launch an innovative project that could change the way the world lives. This is why we decided to incubate them as the 5th Tenset Gem and launch a presale for TGLP subscribers.

In addition, Tenset has purchased land on Satoshi Island. Much more details about plans for this land will be shared in the future.

The descriptions above are by no means financial or investment advice. We encourage all individuals to perform their own due diligence before deciding to buy the $STC token, as we can provide no guarantees for their future performance or success, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile.

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2,400,000 USDT



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600 USDT (400 USDT for TPL)

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400,000 USDT

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