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Auction of unclaimed TGLP Genesis NFTs is live


Auction of unclaimed TGLP Genesis NFTs is live

We are happy to share that the auction for the unclaimed NFTs is live! There are 8 NFTs in total, which are now available to bid on https://marketplace.tenset.io/auctions.

Bidding is only available to current TGLP subscribers, based on a snapshot that was taken at 8AM UTC August 2. Each bid placed on the NFT will set the timer to 6 hours, with a maximum duration of 24 hours. The first bid can be 1 10set, and all subsequent bids must be 1% higher. Similar to last time, you need additional 10set tokens in your wallet to make a bid. If you are successful, the tokens you bid as well as your tokens locked in TGLP will be burned in return for the LIFETIME NFT.

Minting of these NFTs for the successful bidders will be available a few hours after the final auction is completed. The NFT must be minted if you wish to gain access to TGLP! The lucky winners will have 1 week to mint their NFT.

  • Head to the “my account” tab on the Tenset Marketplace https://marketplace.tenset.io/my-account
  • Click “Mint my NFT”, approve the transaction on your wallet.
  • The NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchain, so you need to cover Ethereum network fees.
  • If the wallet you use displays NFTs, you can view your NFT by adding the smart contract address and number of the NFT you own to your wallet. You can also view it on Etherscan or OpenSea.
  • NFT smart contract address: 0x28cE223853D123b52C74439B10b43366d73Fd3B5

In case you need a reminder of the benefits of a TGLP NFT:

  • Lifetime access to TGLP (no need to extend subscription each year)
  • Tradable on Tenset marketplace or Opensea
  • Can sell your NFT (subscription) at any time
  • Possibility to transfer ownership to another wallet and participate in launches
  • Unique design/avatar for loyal Tenseters to display on social media
  • Additional utilities and perks to be added in the future

The TGLP Genesis NFT collection is currently available for trading on OpenSea https://opensea.io/collection/tglp-genesis. Please ensure you are trading the correct contract and be careful of scams.